Carmelia Coker was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, IL. Her passion for design began in her youth when she became fascinated with art, beauty, and fashion. Often, she would stay up late watching old movies and began sketching her designs.


Her mother complained, but later discovered her designs and was amazed by her talent. From then, she began sewing late at night making her own clothes. Her grandmother, family, and friends became her first clients.


Later, Carmelia received formal training in high school when she majored in tailoring. Her mentor/teacher just happen to be the tailor for the late John H. Johnson (Ebony & Jet) and pattern maker of some European design houses. Next, she went on to study fashion design at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She won a design award in her accessory design class.


Producing her own fashion line and fashion show; Carmelia began to sell her designs to upscale boutiques on the gold coast, downtown, north side and south side Chicago. Often the stores would sell out of her designs and call for reorders. Her cliental also consists of: professional women, singers, entertainers, Bishop's, pastor wives, wedding parties, proms...


She reinvented her career after a disastrous manufacturing deal, almost foreclosure, car repossession, near divorce, and a troubling economy. She went back to school and became a registered nurse.


However, her desire to design clothes was always in the back of her mind. It was her daughter who requested that she design her prom, graduation, and audition gowns. These series of events triggered an awakening that motivated her to reconnect with her passion.


Carmelia's aesthetic is the use of God's creation as referring to natural fibres such as: silks, wools, cottons, linens, animal skins/hair, stones, etc.,  along with the newer high tech fabrics.


Her signature style is combining the variety of textures in one garment creating a multi-dimensional affect. Her designs capture "the art of a women" being beautiful, feminine, fun, and edgy. They are meant to empower and cover with confidence.





Andre Coker was born and raised in Evanston, IL.


Early in my life I had a dream to be a business owner and have a successful company. Throughout the years I have maintained aspirations of my dreams, in spite of life bringing several challenges.


While working in the business industry, I realized that there were some areas that I loved and some that I less than loved. My first love was architecture, where I enjoyed gazing and dreaming at different types of pictures of buildings. In my opinion, an architect is an artist. Having traveled throughout the United States enjoying beautiful scenic views of different types art expressions, I realized, that an artist has to incorporate what they see to what others like. Art is very inspirational.


Personally, I always had an eye for beautiful, decorative carvings.


When I was in junior high, I had an art teacher named Mrs.Ash. She would take clay and make some of the most beautiful sculptures and design stunning decorative art. My wife embarked on a journey to Zimbabwe, Africa whereupon she returned with a few pieces of small decorative art. The art work was some of the most beautiful art that I've ever seen. We had guests over to our house and they were amazed by the art.


I started to wonder. It brought me back to my original dreams which was to be a business owner. In 2012, my daughter, my wife and I traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa where we spent two weeks. I fell in love with Zimbabwe. There I saw a true artist at work crafting carvings out of rock, carvings out of wood, and using some of the most precious stones; Serpentine, Leopard rock, Opal stone, Spring stone, Verdite, Butter Jade, Lepidolite just to name a few.


Today, there are several artist from Zimbabwe who are not known throughout the world. It is our desire to present them to you through their art of expressions. A good friend of ours shared this statement: Don't let your dreams die.


My dreams have become El Elyon Global Expressions. Not only as a business, but our company will be participating in a humanitarian relief effort with Harare, Zimbabwe. Please take the time to enjoy the art (EEGE) and thank you for your business and support.


Loving the Kingdom, Andre & Carmelia Coker

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